Public Health-related articles by Soskolne et al

Global Ecological Integrity and 'Sustainable Development': Cornerstones of Public Health :
Report of a World Health Organization (WHO) International Workshop held at the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Rome Division - Rome, Italy, 3 - 4 December, 1998. This document became the most accessed document on the WHO EURO website for three successive years (1999 - 2002), and thus was deemed to be profoundly advocating of the need to consider global ecological integrity as foundational to public health.

Toward a Global Agenda for Research in Environmental Epidemiology :
Epidemiology | Volume 18 | Number 1 | January 2007 Authors: Soskolne et al.

Human Health and Global Environmental Change :
IHDP Update Issue | Issue 1 | January 2011 Authors: P. Martens, M. Huynen, S. Akin Authors: H. Hilderink, C.L. Soskolne

Globalization and Ecological Integrity in Science and International Law :
Dr. Soskolne's most recent contribution as a co-editor is to a book to be launched in June 2011 entitled Globalisation and Ecological Integrity in Science and International Law. The book is edited by Laura Westra, Klaus Bosselmann and Colin Soskolne and published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

From theory to practice in environmental epidemiology: developing, conducting and disseminating health research :
The link between degrading environmental conditions and human health was first explored through a SSHRC grant (1996 - 1999) on which Dr. Soskolne was co-investigator. The dire conclusions of this research led to a World Health Organization (WHO) Workshop in December 1998, where the merits of our SSHRC interdisciplinary research were recognized. Following the Workshop, an official WHO Discussion Document was produced which placed this topic prominently on the international public health agenda. This discussion document was the single most accessed resource on the WHO-Euro website for the years 2000 - 2003, serving a major advocacy role.
Authors : C.L. Soskolne, J.E. Andruchow, F. Racioppi