Berlin Conference - 2008

From July 16 to 20 2008, a conference was held in Berlin, Germany on the topic of Reconciling Human Existence And Ecological Integrity

This conference was co-organized by Laura Westra and Klaus Bosselmann.

Berlin Conference Participants

A letter from Laura Westra

Dear Integrity Friend:

I want to express a special thanks to all of you who came to Berlin and helped to make our meeting the success that it was. Of course the greatest thanks go to Klaus Bosselmann, who co-organized the meeting and helped us all understand better the spirit of Berlin, as he led us through a walk to a cemetery with the tombs of Hegel and Marcuse, among others; a boat tour by night and the closing historical tour.

Both Colin and I took pictures, as did Farah Lenser, our local contact, to whom also go our thanks for a job well done, often under difficult circumstances, such as unexpected closing times at the Humboldt University. Anyway some of these pictures are attached below.

I need to apologize for not being available for a whole month (July 11-Aug.11), and finally having to erase (unread) the final 605 emails in order to retain continuing service. If you wrote to me prior to August 12-13, please resend your email and I will get back to you promptly.

Finally, the plans for next year (University of Firenze, June 25-July 1 2009) are moving forward well and the Call for Papers should go out to all of you in November. Please make a note of those dates in your calendar, as you return for the next school year. Best to all you!

Warm Regards!
Laura Westra

Berlin Conference Program (PDF)

Berlin Local Information and Venue Locations (PDF)

Berlin Conference Map (PDF)

Berlin Conference Participants

Berlin Conference Participants

Berlin Conference Participants

Berlin Conference Participants