Costa Rica Conference - 2013

From June 28 to July 1, 2013, a conference was held in San Jose, Costa Rica on the topic of
Ecological Integrity, Globalization and Radical Social Change: From the UN, to the Earth Charter; from the World Social Forum to the Rights of Mother Earth and Beyond

Conference Program (PDF)

Conference Photos

Final Report

Prue Taylor and Lucy Stroud - Forthcoming Publication

Dear Integrity Friend,

A brief note to thank you especially all those who participated in the Costa Rica meeting. Please take a look at our updated website where you will see a number of pictures taken during the conference, as well as a couple of pictures taken in the forest, for those of us who enjoyed the hikes after lunch every day! It was an amazing location and I hope you will join me in thanking Mirian Vilela for her wonderful hospitality. I could not resist adding one picture from our cruise, and one from the rain forest canopy, a tour we did the day before the start of the meeting.

I am also sending you the Report compiled by Don Brown(many thanks Don!), where you can review some of what we heard. But the pictures tell a better story, especially that of the wonderful singer from Taiwan, Lily Wen, who not only raised her powerful voice at the end of Nancy Tzu-Meichen's talk, but was kind enough to add to the wonderful entertainment offered after dinner by Don Brown's sons. That (entertainment after the dinner/reception), is a tradition that we started this year, and will have to be continued.

Another tradition, this time continued from previous years , is the presentation of a video germane to our interests and topics. Thank you to Klaus for his video. But next year, I have asked Joan Engel to present once more her incredible talk and slide show on billboards, one evening, totally aside from whatever else she will choose to address in the conference.

Speaking of next year's meeting, the dates are fixed, June 21 to 26 Island of Rhodes (Greece), in order not to conflict with other meetings members will need to attend. The venue is fixed as well and it ill be the Auditorium of the Institute for the Law of the Seas. If any of you have any particular ties to that institution, and might be able to convince them to provide coffee breaks, perhaps, that would be wonderful. The hotel should be the Mediterranean: they are offering a good rate and apparently they are on the sea. The only problem is that, once again , we might need taxis or a shuttle to take us to the venue, which is a half hour away on foot, during a very hot time of the year. More details later, and for now thanks to Vicky Karageorgou who is working to arrange things on our behalf.

Finally note the flyer for the latest work by Prue Taylor: congratulations on publishing on the topic on which she is an expert. Keep the dates for next year, and look for the Call for Papers around November as usual. Thank you again for your lively participation once more this year, and start planning for the next one! Cheers,

Laura Westra, Ph.D., Ph.D.(Law)
Professor Emerita (Philosophy)
University of Windsor
Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Law
Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Law, University of Milano (Bicocca)
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Trento