France Conference - 2012

From June 18 to 23, 2012, a conference was held in La Rochelle, France on the topic of
Confronting Collapse: What Agencies, Institutions and Strategies Are Needed for a Better World? How to Achieve Environmental Justice?

Conference Program (PDF)

Call for Papers (PDF) for the France 2012 conference is now closed. The deadline was February 29, 2012.

Recommendation on Voluntary Carbon Offset Purchase for Air Travel To GEIG Meetings (PDF)

La Rochelle Conference Photos

Dear Integrity Friends,

Despite the global situation, both regarding the environment and otherwise, this time the letter intended to accompany the final programme, is bringing good news!

First, Colin Soskolne is recovering well from a thyroid operation. He needs to remain close to his surgeon, so he will not join us in France this year: please join me in wishing him the speediest recovery!

Second, and this is truly a "FIRST" for us, the first GEIG wedding happened in San Diego, CA. Katy Kintzele and Jordan (an attorney and a Marine) were married in April, with Ron Engel officiating (look for him, resplendent in a suit and tie!). Katy will attend our meeting in France after Rio, but after that will have to move to Japan, where her husband has been deployed. Once again join me in wishing them the very best!

Finally our 20th Anniversary (1992-2012) seemed the appropriate time to give our tired website a face lift. It is live now, but it still needs some tweaking, particularly in the "Partners" list; the new "Articles" list, and the Books page is now too long. We are expecting momentarily material from some of the partners: IUCN-CEL has sent it but it is not in yet, and the Earth Charter. I am hoping to add the Francophone environmental lawyers group from this year's conference, a group on Indigenous Peoples, and an animals' rights group. Any ideas?

Please note the information on carbon offsets from Don Brown.

I look forward to seeing you all at La Rochelle! Laura Westra.