The GNHRE is an exciting international network of scholars, policy makers, lawyers and activists dedicated to re-imagining the interface between human rights and the environment. The network is served by a website providing a dedicated portal for the exchange of scholarship, thinking, and insights drawn from community-embedded experience and praxis. The GNHRE's aim is to build a global network whose diversity forges new conversations and relationships. The goal is to build a network for the creation of change - and it starts with the transformation of thinking.

The GNHRE has various projects and initiatives underway, and the website hosts a virtual research repository containing over 1900 sources for research - by far the most extensive dedicated research portal on human rights and the environment available in the world. To learn more, visit the website at

JOURNAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Linked to the GNHRE is the cutting-edge and high quality international journal, the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment. This journal is highly praised for its outstanding contributors, many of whom are luminaries in the field, and for its intellectual quality, timeliness and vision. The JHRE is the only international scholarly journal in the world currently dedicated to the interface between human rights and the environment. Find out more about the journal including how to submit for one of its forthcoming themed editions, on the publisher's website. (